The world's ready for Supply Chain innovation

If supplier compliance is a risk you need to manage more effectively, and if you want to reduce your supply costs, then we have a fully integrated solution that can be operating in 24 hours.

We make supply chains work more efficiently with better connection, collaboration, and better process. We know how to make supply chains work harder by creating competitive price tension for every purchase, no matter if your tendering, running a multi-million dollar contract or buying a new phone.

Whether you buy locally or globally we will lower your costs & reduce your risks in days not months with proven, enterprise quality Applications.

It's so easy to start achieving results, you choose which Apps you want and we'll set up your own branded Portal.



4Links - making supply easy

You won’t believe how quick and easy it is to find cost savings and control the risks of engaging with Suppliers, whether it’s a tradie fixing your roof or a large offshore manufacturer


We’re a b2b supply chain specialist

With over 10 years experience in the procurement market we have a deep understanding of how new technology can create massive efficiency gains


A Supply Portal designed for you

Whether you're a corporate or government buyer, or a group seeking bulk buying opportunities we have solutions that can be expanded as your needs change

balance We’re very affordable & Supplier friendly

A complete package for a low monthly fee and unlimited users

Free for Suppliers to connect and upload compliance docs and latest prices

setting-gears-1 Rapid customisation for specialist needs

We can quickly adapt and develop new Apps for the specific needs of your market. Tell us what you want and we’ll deliver


Customised packages

Only choose the the core building blocks you need whether it’s compliance, tendering, collaboration, or a broad range of plugins



ePortal - connecting you and your supply network

Having your own ePortal will change your world, giving you control & transparency across your suppliers, from the moment you engage our b2b solutions you’ll experience productivity savings in compliance and collaboration and reduced supply costs using our unique Dynamic Price Tension tools including aggregated buys, benchmarking, tendering and virtual buying panels.

cloud-sync gPortal - finding new ways to deliver value to your group network 

Small fish in a big pond?, imagine multiplying your buying power by 10. gPortal enables you to build on your industry connections & relationships to create real price tension by grouping you with other similar Buyers. You decide who you want in your Buying Group, which Suppliers can connect, and what compliance checks are needed. Each Group Member operates independently accessing the common Supplier pool and when bulk buys make sense you can opt in to gain better pricing and supply deals.