About 4Links and our story

About Us

4Links Technology Pty Ltd is a Sydney based software developer, we create & build innovative cloud based Apps for the b2b supply chain market. We’re passionate about automating procurement to reduce costs, save time, control risks and manage budgets.

How We Help

From a blank sheet, we created a completely new way for buyers to connect with suppliers, our technology gives buyers live and continuous connection with their supply chain, with instant tenders, auctions, automated compliance, forums, document sharing, budgeting and many other features all within a single integrated platform.

Our History

We have a long history of developing supply chain engagement tools and have a deep understanding of the needs of our market. We know how to build sophisticated, enterprise quality solutions that are simple, easy to use, and very affordable.

Our Apps

Our SaaS based Apps span the four core elements of procurement: SRM, Strategic Sourcing, Compliance & Collaboration.