Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing

Procurement teams are rapidly becoming performance based business units, focussing on predictive buying. But you need innovative technology delivering quality data to achieve your targets . The traditional approach to procurement with long tender cycles is being replaced with live trading tools enabling rapid access in a constantly changing world. It’s about the power of being connected, imagine the impact of tracking daily price movements and buying when the market moves in your favour, or suppliers need to move stock at heavily discounted prices.

It’s time to move to a new cloud based solution, 4Links will take you there.

Strategic Sourcing Apps

Automating your tender process not only saves hours of preparation, it eliminates the use of email and spreadsheets to manage high value procurement projects.

Everything’s under control and all communication with suppliers is secured & logged with easy access by all staff to check progress and agreed variations.

Evaluation and selecting the best bid is also automated using algorithms to identify the supplier with the highest weighted score.

We’ve saved clients $m’s using LiveAuction instead of a lengthy tender process. LiveAuction can be used for anything, products, services and works, our pre-qualification app means suppliers are bid ready, allowing you to develop one off or group buy opportunities in minutes.

Open Catalogue is a completely new way to manage regular procurement items with a web style shopping basket, and complex product data presented in an easy to read style. Using supplier driven data to build your own custom catalogue is a great solution to quickly find, compare & buy.

Tradeboard’s a new generation buyer’s tool, for buyers who know their requirements and what commodities or products they can spot buy at the right price.

TradeBoard is dynamic, you setup your requirements & suppliers are connected as bidders and this sets the board in motion. As bids are posted, history is tracked and buyers are alerted to opportunities as supplier’s push out special deals or run outs. A single click streams new products and price data benchmarked to your market in real time.

RateBoard makes rate benchmarking for trades and services as easy as accessing a web page. Simply create a RateBoard for plumbing, electrical services, shop fit outs, rental equipment etc, map the rates you want to track such as standard hourly rates, call out fees, 24×7 fee, public holidays, then map the skills you need such as: post code coverage, skill maps and mobile plant capabilities. Invite your suppliers to bid and sit back and enjoy national and regional rate benchmarking.

Transform your business using modern web based technology

Peter Hall, Director & Head of Development, 4Links Technology

“With no legacy, and a completely open agenda, we studied global best practice and applied these principles using modern web technology, we’ve taken procurement into a new world of transparency, efficiency, risk management and speed to market.

Client benefits are immediate, we’ve seen $m’s p.a. saved in weeks through our LiveAuction App. It takes a while for clients to fully engage, but once they’re on board they see how our technology can transform their business.”